How long would you say it takes from saying "hi" to evolve in to a relationship?

Do you propose your intentions form the start overtly or covertly? Is it a statement or a ritual used to signify "yeah we're in a relationship now"? How does it all work?


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  • You should be honest on the first/second date about what it is that you are looking for at this point in your life, but as for when you actually determine that it's a relationship with a commitment, there's no straight answer for that.. depends on the situation and the feelings you have for each other, as well as what both people want. When it becomes clear that you both want the same thing and that your feelings are mutual, that's when you should have "the talk" and decide that you are, in fact, an exclusive couple.

    • Hypothetically, how would that conversation play out verbatim?

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    • Wow that's incredible!!

    • It's like one of those little love stories. This really gives me hope! Thank you!

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  • In couple months i guess.. or more.. depends on the situation and the girl and her interest level and a lot things

  • It can take from 3 days to a few years!

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