Approach anxiety, how do I get rid of it?

A couple of days I saw my mystery woman walking down the street again. She lives near. I have only seen her from far. In about 6 months time I have seen her 4 times. She was on the phone.

In my mind I started making scenarios on why I should not do that while she was on telephone and why she would not like me. My whole body started trembling. I was disappointed in myself because I promised myself I would walk up to her if I saw her again.

I don’t understand it because at work I talk so easy to new people. I have no problem to walk up to a beautiful woman and ask for directions if I have no further interest in her. But as soon as I really like her then I turn to jelly.

Do I worry too much about ruining my chances? Do worry too much on what she thinks? I see other guys do these things and I would like to be able to do the same.
How do I get rid of this?


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  • In general just be yourself maybe you'll think this is bull shit but it's true just be yourself and approach any girl like you're approaching your own buddy.. your own male friends.. trust me man.. this works every time

  • I have the se issues :/
    I've approched her had a few conversations
    But find it really hard to talk to her any further
    And/or any other girl :/

    • It looks like it is the other way around with you. The initial contact scares me. But after that I can talk fine. Or do you also experience problems approaching?

    • I find it hard to approach :/
      It was with this girl that I went to her...
      But then i'm not able to talk to her