Is this going to work? I feel like we could end up being friends as well as being in a relationship? need advice?

I dont know of its normal or not since i haven't dated before, but when you first start seeing or/and dating someone is it normal to think that you relationship can go both ways?
So im seeing this guy and we have known each other (and seeing) for three weeks i think, but even when i was really attracted to him first time i met him, im a bit indifferent about where our relationship is going. Maybe indifferent isn't the right word to use because at the end of the day i care about his attention and i want him to like me, im attracted to him, and i want things to work. But we dont meet that often, and its kinda difficult to have a relationship online. The times we have hung out i have had a great time, and my "feelings" for him just blossoms, but example the last time we met was the weekend before the one that just was, so my feelings have kinda turned into "less into him". I dont know if this is common or not... like we message each other almost everyday... And for me right now i feel like we could end up just being friends or something in that direction, or maybe end up in a relationship ( if we actually start hangig out more)..


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  • This is normal. Maybe, you will be friends. Maybe, he will just pass through your life.


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