How to talk to a girl on Facebook who you know, but don't talk to much?

We have been friends for a while, since September. She doesn't really talk to me at college but when I've seen her in pubs/clubs we've talked, hugged and she seems really happy to see me and sad to see me leave. Basically she treats me like she knows me.

Part of me wonders why we don't talk in college... She seems a bit shy but not massively shy like myself. We do have separate friend groups though, and I know how hard it is to venture out of them.

I want to talk to her over Facebook because I'm just too shy to talk to her in front of her friends, and it'll feel awkward just going up to her out of the blue.

This is the last week of college before a 4 week holiday so I kinda want to talk to her properly over Facebook. When we get back to college we could go for a drink or whatever, perhaps as a group of friends. But I'll see what happens first

I tried doing this kind of thing on FB before, but it got stale after a while. I started it by asking her "how is the school work going?", but I don't think that would work for this girl.

So my questions are really:

-- Do you think she'd find it weird that I was talking to her on FB?

-- How should I start the conversation?

-- How do I keep it going without making it stale?

-- Should I wait for her to start the conversation up sometimes?

Any other tips would be great thanks.


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  • Trust me, she wants you to talk to her, especially if she's shy! Just send something random or something that makes you think of her. (For example, if its Spring Break, ask her what her plans are.) If you have a holiday coming up, make plans with her even if they are minor.

    If the conversation is getting boring, change the subject or tell her you need to go. Its better to pull away a little too soon and leave her wanting more than to have an awkward conversation.

    She probably won't initiate much because she may feel like she is bugging you, but the closer you get, the more comfortable she will get with the idea. Hanging out will really help you bond and get closer...


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