Was I wrong to snap at my girlfriend?

She felt like I neglected her and didn't care or love her. Said she felt used and she just liked the fact that she kept coming bacK. I was going through the police academy at the time. We were long distance when we saw each other she would tell me about all these other guys hitting on her. she would act distant kind if passive aggressive sometimes. I would constantly ask if anything is wrong and she would say it's all fine. I snapped on her frequently just got frusterated with her all the time. She said I would say mean things to her. accused her cheating because she acted so distant sometimes. She accused me or messing around too asking me about somw other girls.

Am I a normal guy for acting like this. Was in the police academy couldn't handle a long distance relationship at the time. But I tried. said I got so moody with her she just couldn't take it. My first real relationship.

I don't want to be looked at like an abusive boyfriend or something.. I did say mean things though.


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  • I am not sure that there is a right or wrong answer to the heading of your post. However, it certainly sounds like there weren't well-defined boundaries, expectations or needs at the time you went to the police academy. Without that being done then, yes both sides will get testy and harsh words will be exchanged.

    If she was a true friend, the pressure wouldn't have been there or communicating with each other would have helped put each other at ease with the distance, I believe.

    • Do I sound like an abuser or something?

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    • I ended up apologizing.. just feel she saw the worst of me. Knew I shouldn't of tried this during the police academy. Look all insecure now she'd going to remember me like that.

    • I don't believe that is how she will see you as a person. It's not to say that she won't remember this conversation, but it won't define you in her eyes.

  • No that isn't normal. That doesn't sound like a healthy relationship


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