How to stop over thinking things?

I dated this girl for a while and things were great at the start but slowly went downhill because of a number of different mistakes on my part. We stopped talking for about two weeks until she started texting me again.

Stupidly I think I made these same kinds of mistakes again. Although she never said it, I felt like she was starting to put me in friendzone after a while. I told her that I couldnt be friends with her because of my feelings for her and so we stopped talking again.

It's been a week now and I'm finding it hard to stop thinking about her even though I am trying to keep myself busy most of the time.

I've noticed that over the last day or so she's been coming online on Facebook a lot with like 5 minute intervals in between which is something she has never really done before. I know it's stupid but i'm over analysing it and just assuming that she's talking to another guy which is making me feel worse. She did like my post on Facebook yesterday and I just over analysed this and it actually made me feel a bit better which is ridiculous. How do I stop over thinking things like this?


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  • "How to stop over thinking things?"
    Stop asking how to stop overthinking things. That's overthinking things