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I'm a quite good looking guy and that may make me sound like a jerk, but I've been with a few girls and all have made that clear. The problem is I'm only confident when I know the other person likes me, so when it comes to beautiful girls I always assume they find me unatractive and feel reallt self-conscious and nervous, so I never have the guts to talk to them in that way. What can I do, is there any psychologist or psycology student that has something to say about this? I appreciate your help.


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  • The complimentary attention I get is often extremely intrusive.
    It leaves me feel studied then dissected like a lab rat rather than beautiful.
    I am approached by random strangers who feel compelled to comment daily.

    This drains my self esteem yet also feeds it simultaneously because it is what I am used to and all I have known.

    I now actually tell strangers AND the men that I date how boring their compliments are and how I would much rather talk about absolutely anything else that isn't my face or body.

    The stunned silence that usually follows made me realise that THEY
    really didn't have anything else to say. Seeing THAT was liberating and
    gave me back a confidence that wasn't based on my physicality, while
    FORCING them to think outside the box, be original and realise their own
    vapid stupidity.


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  • Lol im right there with you. Curious to know what everyone has to say


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  • See a therapist. That would be my suggestion