Girls, if you liked two guys at the same time but you chose one over the other, have you ever regretted your choice?

Lets say there where two guys you where interested in, and lets say you where sexually attracted to both but you had known one of the guys a lot longer than the other, and as such you had more of a connection with him so you decided to pick him and break contact with the second guy without telling him anything about there being another guy.

If your relationship with the first guy didn't end up as you thought or eventually ended, would you consider trying again with the second guy? I mean i can understand you might not think there is anyway to get him back but would you think about him and possibly regret your choice?

and with some added context, lets say you had a short fling with the second guy, had sex, and he had a good personality etc, could be boyfriend material, but the first guy you knew better, and maybe seemed like the better choice at the time. So you dont really know how well it might have worked if you chose differently.

more opinions please
please want more opinions
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  • I am an upfront single serial dater who doesn't believe in monogamy and never has to chose because I openly date all :)

    • yeah i know in the early stages of course, but eventually if you wanted to get serious with one you would have to chose right? so in that case if you ever where in that situation, have you ever regretted your choice? and even if that didn't happen to you, hypothetically if you where in that situation and the guy you picked didn't end up being the one in the long run, would you consider the second guy who you didn't pick?

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    • thats interesting, and you have a point. I didn't mean to sound judgmental with my comment. But do you never feel like you would dedicate more of your time to one person, even if temporarily? I mean do you never get feelings for guys? and want to spend most of your time with that person?

    • I am very easily suffocated by dates and do spend more time with some and less with others.
      which is nowhere near the amount that any of them ever want.

      I experience a ONCE-yearly "sexual infatuation" which I always walk away from due to
      a hatred of male obsessiveness, anger and jealousy. This is truly sad given the numbers of men that I date.

      My definition of sexual infatuation by the way = an-explosive-mind-body-spirit-connection that gives me stomach butterflies hours before and hours after seeing them. So far, this hasn't happened.

      I enjoy male company but never develop any feelings except sexual and physical admiration.

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  • Yea I was torn between two clasmates one time. I made the wrong choice and later wanted to know if the second guy wanted to still give us a shot. He was all for it until he found out I lost my virginity to the other guy. So thats that...

  • yeah I have, I liked this guy lets call him A, that really liked me and we are quite similar in some ways and this other guy lets call him B, also liked me and chose A but now I miss talking with B and kinda wish I had chosen B


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  • I read/hear about that all the time, it's a shitty situation to be in and sometimes they make the wrong choice. Some men will take the girl back, some won't. Me, personally, I wouldn't be very happy with being someones second choice. If I barely knew the girl, then I could easily understand why she'd go with a more known factor. If I knew her as well as the other guy or I knew her better and the other guy was someone she barely knew, then sorry but you knew me, you had access to me and you passed me over for someone else and you have to live with that choice.

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