For those who've used the dating site, OkCupid before, have you ever found interest in someone or dated someone the opposite of your personality?

For instance, let's say You found someone who's 57% match, and 37% "enemy". Have you ever dated those type of people on OkCupid (for those who have used it before)?

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  • My current boyfriend and i met on OkC. I think our score was 47%. But i can honestly say i couldn't be happier. We are very opposite, but we compliment eachother nicely. It may be because we love to debate, but we have the patience and maturity to set aside or different oppinions and have an adult relationship

    • When you've guys first meet. Was your first dating message long or short? Right now, I'm trying to send a message to a girl (opposite of me) that I find interesting that's not too dull or boring for her to read.(We're 57% match BTW)

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    • Yeah, You can do that. I'm just saying from experience, the more you put out on those sites, the more likely you are to get something back. You have to keep in mind there ate more guys on there than girls. So standing out will really help you be successful.

    • I see, I've answered enough questions on the match questions and there's a lot that are either very limited or just makes no sense. Then again, the match percentage isn't very accurate. I've told a brief, simple and good enough self-summary of myself on my profile if that's good enough.

What Guys Said 1

  • The match % stuff doesn't really help that much from what I notice. It's a nice idea on paper but with all the questions being "user made" there are far too many ridiculous "questions" in there that really have no real meaning.

    With that said, I've met a number of girls on a number of dating sites and honestly, they're so messed up. You got just as many girls pulling the same stunts that you hear the girls complaining about the guys doing. Guys lie about the height and the girls lie about their weight. Both married men and married women sneak online for affairs.

    Most guys can't get a girl to meet or a reply. This is because most girls are just using the site as another social media outlet. The only difference with OKC is they can use it to get unsolicited "compliments" from total strangers and they'll get so many of them on a daily basis for an effortless ego boost.

    • I agree, that is true for SOME girls. But then you have girls on there like me (not to sound like a narcissists). There are plenty of girls looking for a real connecting on there. Girls who want to branch out and find new people And Are too shy or busy to do out anywhere else but online. The other ones just stay on there longer so they seem to be the majority.

    • I just hope I didn't waste 15 minutes of my time trying to write a good and brief first message to this girl. I realized that the match percentage isn't very accurate and always ask a lot of stupid questions that make no sense but again, I just hope it works while this girl I talk to isn't incredibly picky and unrealistic (She didn't say anything about having "Mr Right" or "Prince Charming" or anything regarding looks and socioeconomic status but she did say that she was looking for a cuddle buddy to spend time with).

    • It sounds like she's looking for casual. I say go for it. You will never know