Should I date an older man? (10-15 years difference)

Do you think it's OK to date an older guy? I'm considering doing that and I want to know the pros and cons of it.

A little about me: I'm 21 and I am tired of a lot of guys my age. They don't seem to want to have anything serious, know how to treat a girl or appreciate you. I don't want to give up dating until I turn 30 so what about dating a guy that's older in his 30s or maybe 40s? Do you think that would be a better option? I'd love to hear from girls who have dated older men, older men and anyone with advice in general..Thanks!


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  • If you're that tired of dating, maybe you should stop for a while, at least until you can find what you want.

    Are you clear on your expectations? If you put it out, far and wide, that you want something serious with a guy who knows how to treat a girl, you're bound to draw your type, since: 1. guys know what you want, and 2. the guys you want, know you're available.

    There are tradeoffs when dating older guys. You get experience, and certainty, but you also sometimes get cynicism and bitterness; you have to screen carefully for this.

    Also, a guy in his 30s or 40s who is unmarried by choice usually isn't looking for anything serious either, though he may be a more experienced dater, and thus, more pleasant company. Even if he is looking for something serious, he's still going to take his sweet time screening you; only a damaged 30-year old jumps straight into a serious relationship.

    My recommendation: Be clear on what you want, and put it out there. Then date men you enjoy, regardless of age.


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  • older man doesn't mean he won't play games or that he will want something serious. But it means he will have much more experience in life and more stable. He will appreciate you more definitely. Probably more romantic.

  • Go get that suga daddy, you crazy girl...

    • Lol okay not really looking for a sugar daddy, just someone who doesn't want to play games

    • No sounds like that you are just so tired of meeting guys in the same age range, that you need a change. But this change may be a drastic change. I'd say that you need to evaluate, where you are meeting most of these guys and try to look somewhere else.

      I'd say once you start looking for the older guys, chances are they want to settle down totally and eliminating you from finding someone in your generation. Let's face it. Things may get weird cause of the age difference.

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