This girl likes me but im afraid of being cheated on?

I can't go through again what i went through with my ex. The pain of someone cheating on me is unbearable and im scared shitless of relationships now. I dont want to do it again.

But this girl likes me and since there's a high percentage of people cheating nowadays i just dont know if i want to go through with it again..

Like whats the point?


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  • Well take a chance if you like her back. But tell her about that a lot of girls fear being cheated on as well so don't worry


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  • The average chances of being cheated on are only about 25%, or maybe less. The chances of her still loving you in 3 or 4 years are about 50%, even if she loves you like crazy now and you remain a better man than ever (They don't need a reason to stop loving you).
    The chances of her loving you for a lifetime are about 20%.
    Here's why.
    The sooner you accept these odds, the better.

    I say go for it, but still be prepared for a 4 year use-by date.