Should I give up and move on?

Started talking to this guy over Facebook. He asked me out after we had only been talking a little while, we'd met before but I told him to wait until we meet properly. When I finally could see him we started hanging out once a week, I think we both wanted to hang out more but we left it to once a week. I wish I didn't so soon but ended up hooking up with him on the first date and had sex around the 4th. He then was unsure if he wanted to date, he said he always stuffs everything good in his life up. I don't think he liked the sex but said he didn't care because he wanted to be with me. He asked me out but we don't really know what to do together when we go out, I constantly am saying I have ideas but never tell him because I feel he won't like them. I hardly tell him much, apart from all my insecurities, which is another stupid mistake I've made. We put our relationship on Facebook but then deleted it after he got embarrassed when an ex girl commented. We never go out anywhere except for his and we always just meet up at have sex at his. His really busy at school and I don't mind but we don't message each other as much. I ended it with him because I told him I was scared to lose him so I'm pushing him away and we haven't talked since. I just think I've fucked up enough already? Should I give up?


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  • If you love him for real don't give up girl... no matter how things are fucked up.. if you don't leave him for good.. best of luck


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