I'm supposed to call her for a blind date, but she wouldn't even return my call?

My brother and his wife set me up on on a blind date with a girl who said she wanted to meet me, but they said I had to call her to make arrangements myself. It seemed like pretty awkward circumstances to call someone under, but I generally respect my family's judgement, and knew if I refused to call her I would never hear the end of it.

When I called the next day, she didn't even answer, but I tried to break the ice by introducing myself with the best/sweetest/funniest short voice message I could come up with. I ended it by asking her to call me back, but when she finally responded she texted me instead!

Her text explained she couldn't call, or meet me, because she's very busy with a new job as a first grade teacher. She did say she wanted to meet me, but only after she was settled in "a few" weeks from now...

What really troubles me is that after I took the effort to call a complete stranger who apparently wanted to meet me, she couldn't even find a minute to return my call. Am I making a big deal over nothing, or does this smell fishy?


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  • For me, this really could go either way. She may not have had the balls to call back. I personally hate phone calls when I have something short to say... that's kind of what texting is for in my opinion. She may not have realized she was being inconsiderate, because... I probably wouldn't have either. I say leave the ball in her court and don't count on ever getting that phone call.

    If the call does come, she was probably being genuine, and you should take the chance, I mean... what is there to lose?


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  • Don't bother with her. If she wanted to arrange a date she would, regardless of her job. sSe took her best shot at politely blowing you off.

  • I feel like people nowadays never call, it's all texting.
    Personally I'd let it go, meaning don't wait on her. If she's truly interested she'll set up a time to meet in the future because she can't be that busy.
    Teachers have weekends off and some only teach earlybirds so its not a full 9-5 job


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