I texted him this morning like he asked me to, and he hasn't replied yet.

I was talking to this guy I like on the phone last night(I called him; I was texting him and said it had been a while since I heard his voice and he said aww call me. I called him, no answer and I texted him saying "No answer, goodnight" and he texted back saying call back and I did) and I said I was going to sleep after 5 mins(awkward silences) and I said I'd talk to him later and he said okay text me in the morning. I texted him this morning like he asked me to, and he hasn't replied yet, it's now 5:30. He usually replies right away. What's going on? what do you guys think?

he ended up being in the hospital! lol


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  • this kinda stuff happens a lot. if he didn't like you he definitely wouldn't tell you to call him after a text like that. I wouldn't let it bother you. he could've had a very busy day, woke up late, gotten sick. the reasons are endless. just relax and see what's up, but never jump to conclusions. ALSO! don't text him 500 times saying "why haven't you texted back?!" etc etc. it will make him feel that you're insecure

    • Thank you! lol

      i'm just worried because he ALWAYS texts back, even when he's at basketball.

      An I definitley don't text 457457 times a day, if I text him and I get no reply, I won't text him until he initiates conversation.

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  • Jesus Christ. calm down...just because he didn't reply does not mean anything lol Maybe he's busy with something. Not everyone has time in their lives to text on his/her cell phone.

    I'd say analyzing this situation is putting you at more of a loss...your stressing over nothing. Take a deep breath and breathe.

    What you need to do is not act like something is wrong...people in hs create their own drama over absolutely nothing. I hope you understand where I'm coming from with this. I was in HS once, and I hated it. Your hormones are clearly going crazy like a normal teenager...try to manage that, cause all these silly situations will drive you nuts. If a guy finds out that you freak out like this over a text message, he's probably going to get scared and lose interest.


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