Is it better to date a liberal woman, conservative woman, or just any woman regardless of politics?

I often hear so many negative things about liberal women and how they're very immoral and immature while I hear a mixture of positive and negative things about conservative women (that they're somewhat mature but are too religious and imposing). As a politically independent man, I don't want a woman who's extreme when it comes to politics and I want a woman who's at least has some degree of morals in her (that if she can distinguish from right and wrong, respectful and disrespectful, etc.)

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  • Why do political beliefs matter in a relationship anyway?
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  • Well if you're talking from a purely political standpoint, then it doesn't really matter too much, but people often live the politics they stand by. And if THAT'S what you mean, then I personally would not be caught dead with any strongly leaning left woman if decent morals are what you're looking for.

    Though I would wager that perhaps 75% of western women are in fact of this inclination with a good amount of them being more extreme, so... Good luck.

    In my opinion opinion I would "love" to be with a girl that is completely free of political belief, but that's like expecting to find a woman made of wood, I just don't think it's possible to be with 'anyone' not living by some established political label, even if they say they aren't. Their actions will always betray them.


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  • Political preference does not dictate the type of person you are. You can be nice for being in any of those political groups and you can be a POS for being in any of those. I don't really like talking about politics on the internet because it rarely doesn't end with people saying how the political group they aren't a part of is the scum of the earth.

    • The things I hear about liberal women are that they're very immature, self-entitled and not reciprocative in relationships.

    • But then again, negative things could also be said of conservative women. I just look for a reciprocative and compassionate woman who can accept me for me and not try to change who I am and I've ran into a very few conservative women who are somewhat like this while I've never heard anything about liberal women being reciprocal in relationships. Now, I'm not trying to generalize but that's just my experience.

  • If I had to pick I'd choose a more conservative woman, although, I prefer a more moderate or independent woman. My experience with liberal women has revealed many of them to be pretentious and entitled, two things that I will not tolerate in a potential life partner.

  • I'm a liberal Democrat, but I couldn't care less if a woman I'm seeing happens to be a conservative, libertarian, etc. as long as she doesn't try to impose her beliefs on me. I'm fine with agreeing to disagree.

    • As long as a woman doesn't impose her views on me, I'm fine. But again, I hear mostly negative stories of liberal women of how they're not relationship material, that they're hypocritical, immature and self-entitled and that they don't know how to treat their men right. I've hardly ever heard anything positive about them based on my experience.