Liked a girls instagram photo by mistake?

We were dating for a couple of months but I started to mess things up by being too needy and available so I think i pretty much got friendzoned. I told her I didn't want to be her friend because I liked her too much and said that we shouldn't talk anymore unless she wants to be more than friends.

We haven't talked for 2 weeks and although I really want to text her I haven't and i'm not planning to. I was going through instagram and accidently liked her most recent selfie from like 5 hours ago, is this going to indicate more neediness to her? she's been liking my stuff on Facebook recently but I've been trying to ignore it and not pursue her anymore incase she ever changes her mind in the future.


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  • eh... so what... just a "like" doesn't mean anything particular basically..

    don't overanalyze it dude!


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  • Over thinking it, 1 like is not cause for alarm, especially if she has been liking your pics on fb... Relax mate, all good

  • We live in a very weird world, where a like destroys worlds, what the hell I am saying lol

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