I tend to go for strong, aggressive, confident guys but it always ends up in shambles. How can I tell if a guy will turn out to be a jerk?

A friend tried to set me up with a guy who lacked confidence and was wimpy in general and I wasn't feeling it. I met a guy at a bar who was tall, built and aggressive and he approached me confidently and talked to me and complimented my figure. We went on a few dates and we were at his place. We started making out and he started feeling my belly under my shirt. He came behind me and started rubbing my arms and kissing my neck, and he ordered me to take my shirt off. Before I got it off he was kissing my belly, and one thing led to another.

The next time we met after that, I was tying my hair and I realized my shirt had went up. I saw his hand going for my belly and I pulled back. He tried to feel up my belly under my shirt and when I moved his hands this time he looked pissed.


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  • The aggressive part is where you are messing up. Most not all aggressive men will be jerks / assholes. Find a nice confident guy who won't let anyone push him around but isn't gonna go pick fights. If its not your cup of tea then sorry you just like assholes. Most women do.


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  • How about someone who respects your body and your wishes. That's a huge indicator on someone who is not a jerk.

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