Girls what's your opinion on guys who shave their heads completely?

Since I was very young my hair started thinning, at 18 I got tired of looking old so I got the Bic razor out and shaved it to the skin. It works ok, I'm slender and pale but head shape and face were decent for it. But I'm very self concious and think that most girls my age will not be attracted to it. I admit looks matter, we have to find our partner physically attractive as well as mentally so I don't blame girls for it. But there I a girl a year younger than me,(19 now) I like and want to talk to more but I just can't imagine a good looking 18 year old dating a bald 19 year old even if it's shaved. So I need to know, from young will this really hurt my chances? will I be at a disadvantage compared to guys with hair?

  • I could find a shaved bald head attractive or wouldn't have an issue dating someone with no hair
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  • Sorry, I don't find it attractive. at this age it'll be a lot harder to get dates and you will be at a disadvantage compared to 'hairy' guys
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  • sorry I'm repelled by a shaved bald head
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  • Both my ex and my husband have thinning hair. They both shave their head and it doesn't bother me one bit. I especially love my husbands because he has a slender body with a thin face and it looks better on him.

  • I really don't like the look, I'm sorry


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