What do girls look for in boys?

i know it sounds weird when a girl is asking but it's important. Girls just ask for more and more some girls don't even know what they want. Why are girls always so confused. Why do girls mostly want famous popular good looking rich guys? If you're always looking for the best what about the average boys? What about the average looking guys? need answers please. And why should guys always approach first? Why can't girls be the 1 to propose or express their feelings? Why do guys always have to text you first? And always give u time? What's wrong if a guy wants to be with his friends for a while or wants his guy time. A guy also has a life apart from his gf.


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  • Guys have been asking these questions all their lives, most girls are just completely self absorbed and expect men to put them on a pedastool.

    • It's not right a guy also has a life apart from his gf n should have his guy time. And a girl should not make a guy her toy and make him do whatever she wants. Poor boys i sometimes feel pity for them

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  • One word: Tradition

    This is for the "why guys" part.

    It has been done like this for the longest and even though times have changed and most old customs have been forgotten, this has still remained. I've seen some girls trying to be the ones to take action but it's just a mechanism that we seem to be raised in. Just like how the guy has to be the one to work for the family, it's just tradition. It's not cause guys are set in this mentality or cause girls don't have the guts to ask a guy (I'm generalizing, I know there are girls who have more guts than guys). It's just a simple human subconcious tradition. Hope this helped out even in the slightest.

    • yeah but it's not right for guys to do all the stuff. Sometimes girls should also do the proposing stuff because sometimes sum guys just can't express their feelings first. But i agree with u totally it's totally like a tradition or something.

    • @Tashwick

      I never said it was justified, i just gave a reason.

  • It all depends on the individual girl. But I think in general, they want guy who is at least decent looking and can make her happy.

  • Lol this has to be a guy on a girls profile.

    • thought about it too lol

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    • Lol it just sounds like everything a guy would say.

    • i know it's not my fault i can totally feel what a guy feels am a free person i understand sometimes what a guy feels thts y my bf always say his lucky to have me as his gf.

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  • so here's what i look for in a boy:
    someone serious
    i don't really care about appearance
    someone who will have time for me
    someone who likes to cuddle

  • Confidence for sure