Boyfriend shares emails from his exes with me?

So my boyfriend constantly shows me emails from his ex wife and ex girlfriends and telling me how great we have it because look at my past and how crazy they are. One of the emails from his ex girlfriend (who honestly... does sound crazy), says he did the same thing to her and he broke up with her in a very rude way. Should I trust him? Or, has he maybe lied so much in his past that he has to prove that he's not lying now? Please share your thoughts on him sharing emails to me?

By the way... these emails from his ex are requesting items he has that he promised to send back but never has.


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  • Classic Narcissistic behavior. How interesting.


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  • They are so crazy bc he did something to make them that way! #fact

    • Yea but... should I trust him?

    • I would keep a guard up.. I mean why is he so concerned with showing them to you.. They are exes. It seems like he still has something for them or something I don't know. But he should only be worried about you

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