Is this guy just interested in friends with benefits or something more?

Trying to figure out if this guy just wants friends with benefits or something more. I was pretty upfront about what I want and wanted to make sure were on the same page. He said we are and that he just doesn’t like rushing into relationships. However, in my opinion, I think if he was so into me that he would have committed already. I met him (first date) 3 months ago so I think he has had plenty of time. However, I do know that I was acting pretty needy not giving him any space, shooting off texts when he didn’t respond after say a couple hours and in them I would sound pretty insecure. We did become intimate but not until after we had been dating two months. Everything was fine after, but I think I got a little needy. I texted him a couple days later and he didn’t respond until several hours later that night. I was irritated but we talk every single day, so how long can one keep that up? Anyways, we had a falling out and didn’t talk for over a week. Then we started talking again, and I made a change and started concentrating on myself and only initiated conversations with him about 10% of the time. As a result, he has been texting me daily. Sometimes it is just to say goodnight, ask how my day was, etc. If I don’t text him he gets offended and ends up saying goodnight. Then he called me one Saturday night and said that he hasn’t spoken on the phone with me for a while and that he agrees he should call more often. I don’t feel he wants a relationship with me which I am fine with. However, if that was the case, would he contact me daily. Even if he just wanted to keep me around to get s*x I am wondering if it would really bother him if I didn’t text if he didn’t like me. Perhaps I am being naïve…. I am ok with something casual because the s*xual energy was amazing…but just want to see it for what it really is that’s all.


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  • I went through the same thing ! My friend told me to not message the guy until he messaged me first and when he did he apologized for being conceited or whatever. I think you should try that , And then tell him how you feel.

    • That's what I did. He's the one that has been messaging me... when I don't say Hi all day to him he gets all butt hurt saying that I didn't even think of him.

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