Do you think she actually likes me?

I slept with a friend this weekend and I've fallen for her pretty bad. I've never felt like this after sleeping with someone just the once, she's confused my mind. We're both bisexual and we actually dated in 2010 but we was both 15/16 so pretty young and we didn't know what we wanted then.
I explained that she's confused my mind and I would like for me and her to get to know each other again because I really like her.. Which she replied with ' let's start just as friends'
She's either said that to friend zone me or she's said it because we've hardly spoken for 5 years and then all of a sudden we've slept together.
She definitely doesn't regret it.
What do you think about it?
She's made me feel something inside and I can't describe it but it feels great.


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  • Considering you've hardly spoken for that long it wouldn't be surprising if she wanted to use "just friends" for a while to get to know you better again. Best thing would probably be to go with it for a while and see where it takes you

    • I completely understand that, I didn't want to jump into a relationship with her. I'd rather we were friends first to get to know each other again. I just don't want to wait for her and then find out she doesn't want me :(

    • Well I hope it works out for you! Aand that she seems comfortable with how you feel is probably a good thing