What should I do?

Ok before I start here something to make you understand a bit better !!
I moved no finland soon 2 years ago last year I was I a different school than the one I am in now !! I'm very shy so I haven't made many friends at this school... Anyway...
I have a HUGE crush on this one guy in my school , he is one of the most popular kids at the school ( and one of the few guy who are actually cute! ) ... I have been crushing on him for ages! A few months ago I started to write this little note saying " I think you cute " an left them in his shoes ( cause I didn't know witch jacket was his but I know the shoes ) I sent about 3-5 of them but about a month ago I stoped.. he's really funny and artistic and cute ( from what I've seen ) I really wish we were together !!! Hea in a grade above me but we're the same age ! ( I know that he is single ) .. I don't have the courage to go talk to him cause I think I'm a bit fat ( size 8 ) and not the most beautiful looking.. He's the only guy I have been crushing on for a long time and that's unusual cause I usually get and loose crushes really fast!! What should I do? Please give me some advise !


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  • Go to him and say straight that you like him.

    • What if he turns me down? That would be so embarrassing!!!

    • I think he won't. Boys never scold like girls.
      Or try your way a more...

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