GUYS: bisexual girls?

so guys would you date a bisexual girl or would you just want to play around with her? Like i'm bi and in my life i have had 1 boyfriend and 2 girlfriends. would you date her like a normal girl, would you use her as a play thing or would you treat her like normal but when you "get it on" you'll add another girl?

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  • I was in a relationship with a girl that was bi and I didn't treat her differently than straight girls. She had a girlfriend before me and i just thought that it was really hot, also because she told me a lot of things she did with her.
    She wouldn't have wanted to have a threesome with another girl, she fell in love with people and didn't feel like missing one gender while being with the other one
    so it made no difference to me if bi or straight while she was with me


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  • I think lesbianism is the hottest thing, so I am biased towards being super ok with it. I would be ok with her engaging in gg experiences. The problem is ultimately I want to be with someone who eventually became my life partner. So the issue is, does she just like the sex with other women, or are there emotional feelings that develop with another woman? If she just needs some lesbian sex once in a while, I am ok with that. If she has a desire to be romantically and passionately involved in a relationship with another woman, that is something I can't really compete with and therefore would not want to invest a lot of time in a relationship with her. Another concern would be her having sex with other people and the chance of bringing a STD into our relationship, obviously that is not cool. So in the end when I think about it realistically, I would probably not date someone like that.

  • I believe that in order to ensure fidelity from one's significant other one should be better man than most. To this end I belive I do my best to keep my gf happy so she would not seek anything better. I cannot however be a better woman than the rest. Ergo even though I have nothing against bisexual women, I'd rather have a straight gf. It will be easier compared to having to deal with twice the competition and there will be no awkward talks about threesomes and why I prefer one woman at a time.

  • As long as she knows that making out with other girls is still cheating.

  • I would date her, and I would be jealous if she wanted a girlfriend as well, but I'd do it for her.


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