Do guys play games? Is he being hot and cold on purpose?

Is he just a rude person?
I'm a young, attractive woman who is nice and polite to everyone I meet.

There is this guy who works in my building and also lives in my apartment block... It's always a little awkward when we bump into each other but we both usually smile and make polite small talk... There is also a lot of eye contact from across the room but I'm pretty shy when talking to him cos I like him... He is gorgeous... But he lives with his gf so I can't make move... She is very fat by the way lol...

Anyways today when I was walking into work he was on reception... We made eye contact and as I walked in the door I was gonna say hi but he just looked down at the computer and completely snubbed me... why?
Ages ago I had to go down to his apartment to collect a towel that had blown off my balcony and he was hostile as hell! My male flat mate did the talking and he was so short with him... Then gave me a half smile... Weird!
After that when I saw him at work he snobbed me so I thought that was that... But then he started being friendly again! And we have chatted in the lift n stuff... Then today, cold again!

I don't get him! what is he thinking? by the way we aren't teenagers... We are both in our late 20s... So he should be more mature!


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  • I know people put up walls to see who are the peole that care about you most will spend there time trying to knock them down