A few pointers for date?

So everything was complicated but been resolved to put it in short. The guy is the one who I had a long time crush (obviously he did too)
So now we're at the point of being in the dating scene. Since we're just having coffee I was wondering what would I talk about exactly? We know about each other professions and families, so I want to kind of make this meanginful, not the typical how are you? how's work kind of stuff, but then I don't want to make things melodramatically personal, but sweet.
Yeah.. any advice for first dates? :)


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  • Talk about light and funny stuff for starter. You can't go straight in meaningful and serious stuff off the bat. Both of you have to be comfortable and *click* with each other. That the point of the date actually, to assess each other suitability to move in to the next stage of relationship.

    Just relax and let it flow. Both of you has to be having fun.


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  • us guys normally dont like to talk about work when we're not at it
    your best bet is to talk about that long time crush you both have for each other. it relates to both of you and what is happening

    • Oh, really? His work and his passion mix, but he did say when he was working not so much about what he does. It's not like we're strangers so I see what if things are still great, I might give him some insight of where I am at, we have a lot of common so I think our feelings are quite mutual, we won't say it yet lol :)

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