Hey girls, I need some advice and help?

So I've been single for far too many years. I'm an open person to girls. I have been on tons of dating sites, and the problem is, I attract girls I don't feel anything physical towards. How do I go about on changing myself so either I attract girls I feel physical liking towards, and enjoy mental connections with as well, or lower my standards so maybe I can get with one I attract

Please serious advice. I know people will be smartasses to me, and so on, but I'm currently trying to change myself, and may as well work on this too.


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  • well, i'd say the first thing you should change about yourself is your main desire to just attract someone that you are attracted to physically. you should try to find someone who can stimulate you mentally and have an actual conversation with. especially if you are looking for someone to have a family/future with. i suppose if you are only hoping for casual dating, then what i've mentioned isn't quite too important. you don't need to lower any standards though - just be yourself

    • Oh the intellect is a must have. That is always in my profiles. And I honestly do try to connect, but I don't wanna waste others time.

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    • Well since you're the only one who's answered I tried to give you mho, but it won't let me until 24hrs, or 4 answers are on here, remind me if I forget to give it to you later.

    • lol, it's ok :)

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