(Mostly towards females) What do you do?

Imagine this. You're in a relationship with "Jay", you and Jay haven't been getting along lately and he's annoying you quite a bit. Jay really likes you, and gets jealous really easily.
Meanwhile, there's "Daniel". You have a mere crush on him, but Daniel hasn't talked to you as much as he used to since you started dating Jay. When you guys did talk a lot, he was really funny and would always talk about your common interests. Now, Daniel barely talks to you as much. You're unsure of his feelings, but were quite sure he liked you when you were good friends. You miss his friendship and him.
What do you do?

The problems between Jay and you started the latest month of your relationship. Your relationship is six months.


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  • I would talk to Daniel and say hey what happen to us? how did we drift apart? I miss our good ol laughs n all!
    and depends, how long has "Jay" been causing annoyance and problems?

    • Problems started about a month ago, you're in a six month relationship.

    • Yikes. If its a month long then id probably want to break it off with Jay. Especially while its still pretty early. If it took away a good friendship I had then id leave that relationship.