What age would you like to 'fall in love'?

i know, a cheesy question, but i'd like to know your view and why. what age would you like to 'fall in love'? is it young? is it when you're matured? or old? or if you've already fallen in love, how was it and how is it now?


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  • I wish i had fallen in love earlier. If you ask me, the high school years are the best time to fall in love. The earlier the better, because you get to spend more of your life with that person. Plus, you are only physically able to have sex between (approximately) the ages of 13-45. If you start having sex at 15 or 16 (which is mature enough if you ask me) you will be able to experience sex for a good 30 years. After 45 sex is pretty much out of the equation, so its best to get as much out of it as you can.

    Yolo is why

    • me too, i'd like to fall in love young, but it won't be for the sake of sex; hopefully when i'm 15- 16, mature teen ages.

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  • ten years ago

  • now, me and him or her till the end high school relationship that lasts, its dumb and childish but i would love it!