How do I get over low self esteem and confidence issues when it comes to dating?

I can talk to girls just fine. I have no trouble talking to them but when it comes to showing my feeling I freeze up. Any ideas on how to share my liking of someone. I'm always so afraid. I'm not sure if it's of rejection or of losing that person. Also girls always end up as my friends. Does this show I'm likable but just need to share my feeling initially?


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  • i'm sure you have some girl friends who have known you for years and whom you are close to. girls are good at dealing with emotions. try expressing your emotions and talking about your emotions with them first. it's no big deal

    • I only have new female friends. That I've only known for a few months. All my friends moved for college. How long before I can discuss stuff like this. I just don't want to weird them out lol

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    • Yeah we usually just do a lot of dancing and joking around. They were the only ones to show up for my birthday. We danced and talked about classes and stuff. I'll see what happens when I ask them other stuff.

    • ok, good luck :)

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  • Just know that when a girl is with you, she wants to be with you.

    • But a lot just want to as friends.

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    • Isn't asking her to dinner saying I like her? Or at least like something about her?

    • It's saying you like her enough to spend time with her and eat food :) so if she feels it is a date-like setting and she takes you up on the idea then maybe she likes you too! and if she says no, she might not be comfortable leading you on. she might just want to be friends.

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