Quick!! He asked me out for a drink during the day?

We've been dating for a month and last Friday we had a mini fight because we were both kinda drunk and he thought I was asking him to be in a relationship and commit , which i wasn't! I was trying to tell him I'm enjoying our casual dating approach, but it was blown out of proportion. I just told him that for the last two weeks we've just had sleepovers and no actual dates, so if he just wanted sex he should be clear.

He texted me the next day saying he wants us to slow down and that we've been moving too fast. I told him that I agree and that we should calm down a little.

Today he texted asked me out for a 'drink during the day' on Saturday.

Is he trying to prove to me it's not sex or dumping me?

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  • Taking you on a non-romantic date to slow down
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  • B & C. He doesn't want you to think it's all about the sex, and wants to spend time with you during the day. Not necessarily unromantic.

    • I'm just scared he'll dump me

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    • Yeah I guess. I just really like him and would definitely prefer him to end it over text

    • I don't think he will, though. I think he just realized it's true you guys haven't been on actual dates in the past weeks, and it's time for one. If I'm wrong and he does end it, just keep cool and you'll be fine. I know you really like him, but there's plenty of fish in the sea. And if he's the guy for you, he won't end it.

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