What am I doing wrong?

I have low self-esteem so I know that is the reason why I am single. I don't understand why I criticized myself a lot. I never think that I am good enough and it's true. However, deep down I want to be loved. I want a relationship but I have bad luck as well. I am shy too. I am not a nine or ten but I wish someone could love me. What options do I have at this point?

I think what's sad is that I have a lot to offer and I have achieved many of my goals and yet I don't think I am worthy or good enough for anyone.


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  • I feel the same way about myself. Maybe we could be online friends. I'd really like to have someone to talk about all this stuff with. Maybe we could help each other. Just a thought. Anyway. I'm sure you will slowly feel better about yourself. You sound like a good person. 😁

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    • I'm sorry your depressed. I wish I knew how to help you. You shouldn't be sad. I'd probably at least go on a date with you. Oh by the way if I'm making you uncomfortable let me know lol I don't know if I'm coming off weird 😨

    • No, you just made me smile haha..

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  • I actually asked the same question. However, I don't look for girl based their looks. I'm pretty sure your a 10. Unless you would rather burn down churches or something evil, than that would make you a 1. You are good enough for me. All of God's children are precious and beautiful.

  • None. Now that we've covered that how would you like your Pity Cake?



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