Am I wasting time with this girl?

so i have been "seeing" this girl for over 3 months now. i have strong feelings for her, she has told me that she likes me as well. we see each other pretty much every weekend, we haven't slept together yet.

anyways i want a relationship with her, but she has told me flat out

"i dont believe in titles, i dont want to say no to you and later on down the road things work out that we do have a relationship. its something i am not use to, i am use to just dating someone once or twice then moving on and forgetting about them. so this is all new to me that we have been seeing each other this long. i want to change that, and be in love."

i asked her if she is seeing anyone else, to which she said "no i am not" she also said that she would never turn away my affection but she hasn't initiated any at all so far.

i know that she thinks about me bc, while we dont do a lot of txt'ing mostly just setting up dates. if i dont message her after a few days she msg'es me.

she wants us to "see" each other and that she can't promise anything more then that.

when we are together we both have a great time and she has told me many times she really likes seeing me. am i just being strung along?

if we sleep together do you think things would change for her then?

i have really fallen hard for this girl, my heart is telling me she is worth the potential future hurt and pain, and my head is very confused.

opinions please




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  • I don't think she knows what she really wants and I think you're being strung along because of her indecisiveness. She definitely likes you though, but she's not sure what to do with you yet. She's afraid of losing interest in you so at the same time, she's kind of keeping herself at a distance. You can choose to chase her and see where it goes, or just move on. I personally would move on but that's because I don't like being strung along. If I liked someone enough to want a relationship, then I would want that person to feel the same way about me, too.


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