Why won't he leave me alone?

a few days ago i got in a fight with my boy friend and i told him i needed some time alone and he dint say any thing well he keeps trying to apoligize and im not ready to forgive him for what he did and today he kissed me and i told him to leave i love him i just need a little bit of time alone why won't he leave me alone help

our fight was about how he thought that i was cheating on him and i proved him wrong and to find out he had cheated on me but wasn't any more because he relized he loves me and broke up with her and he rely hurt me


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  • Just tell him you are not so mad at him you just need some time. He is feeling guilty and he see this as his punishment that's why.

    • that and as a guy, we generally want to make things right, to make them better, to fix problems... he's also trying to do that.

    • Correct ;)

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  • because he blames himself and he won't stop trying to make it right until he doesn't anymore. what? you think he's just going to sit with that guilty feeling in the pit of his stomach? no, he's going to try to make it go away.

  • he is worried he is going to lose you... plain and simple... its easy to see as daylight


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