Guys: why SEX on the first date .....?? is it meant for serious relationships?

why do guys want to have sex on the first date.

i met this guy he is kinda interested in me...but he also said that the day we meet again I will able to control myself. he is always in romantic mood. he is seriously not a virgin. he likes to bite my lips and suck them

well he even claims that he wants to enter into a serious relationship

what do you guys think of him...?


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  • If a guy wants sex on a first date, it usually means he's just in it for the lay.


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  • Why not you're still young have fun, but don't count on no serious relationship I've never met someone who stayed with a girl that gave it up in the first week.

    • Are you trying to say a girl who gives in to sex on the first date not ment to live for a serious relationships.

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