Does it mean anything to him if my guy friend/Fwb takes me on dates or makes me his favorite meal?

We are friends and we have had sex a couple of times. He always compliments my looks, kisses me; holds my hand in public. I've met some of his friends. A month ago he told me he was casually dating this other girl too, so I didn't think too much of what we are, but now he's been seeing me once or twice a week for a month now, makes me dinner and did my dishes, takes me out to dinner, goes on small car rides with me to no particular destination. He also sometimes calls me baby girl or babe and will share his insecurities with me. He has even admits he is a douchebag but lately tells me he wants to change. He even brought up the fact he wouldn't mind living with me next year if I got a big house with a room available. Does he really think of me as a friend or is it something more?


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  • its totally something! he's putting out this effort for a reason not necessarily sexually but he wants to spend time with you *hint hint* he wants to be with you especially with him having nicknames for you


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  • Without it being etched in stone here, dear, the writing on the wall and all, points to a guy who is ready and raring for a Real relationship And------It is something more.
    It seems that you are the One he is showing and flowing with and is even making plans for 'Living with me next year.'
    However, go slow with this flow, Audrey15, and nurse and nurture this beautiful relationship that you both have started. If it is meant for old Mother nature to reap the romance that looks like has a chance in the future, then the seeds that now have been planted will sprout and a partnership will bloom.
    Good luck. xx

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