So I fucked up but would you still give it a chance?

went to a party as always I think I'm badass and drink a ton all at once until it later hits me out of no where. I was drunk as hell that I don't remember how the party ended.. so my bf was there but not with me he was with a girl who apparently has a crush on him. and this guy who has a crush on me pulled me aside and kissed me I pushed him off right away.. and we were both drunk but remember.. is it cheating I mean I told him (my bf) everything that went down. I truly regret it , and when we saw each other I seemed to act more hurt than he did.. he said he forgives me but I don't know whenever I mention that I want this to work out he answers/responds to everything else but that.. it happened a couple days ago should I be patient.. I have really strong feelings for him but I was not thinking straight. I told him drinking won't be a thing for me since that was the problem

  • cheating but should be given another chance
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  • He's telling you it's a non-issue. Believe him. Stop going to parties and stop trying to be a bad ass.

    • I told him I would stop doing that , that I was done with all that but how can I show him that.. it's rare when I go to parties anyway

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    • thank you so much for your input

    • Most helpful, sweetie ;o)

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  • If you pushed him off right away, then it isn't cheating. You did nothing wrong--other than maybe drink too much.

  • That guy grabbed you and the moment he made his move you pushed him away. I don't think you could have avoided it even if you were sober. I wouldn't see it as cheating if it happened to my gf. I'd probably go pick a fight with the guy though since that's basically sexual assault.

    • that's what I was thinking but he said that he feels that he shouldn't have to watch over me because he thought I was loyal

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    • Yeah if you really like the guy then do something special for his birthday.

    • I was caught off guard the guy was talking to me then out of no where kissed me and out of disgust I pushed him away

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  • You pushed him off right away, so you didn't do anything wrong and handled it just right. In other words it most definitly was not cheating so don't worry about it and try to forget.

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