Why is he playing hard to get?

He lets me sleep next to him in his bed, under his blankets. He messages me all day and is a complete sweet heart to me. We're both obviously single and I'm very interested. I don't get it.


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  • It just sounds like he isn't thinking about that sort of stuff. You need to tell him what you want, and he can respond accordingly, waiting around for him won't get you any results. He isn't playing hard to get, he is just taking it day by day without concerns about where its going.

    • I worry that if I say something, it might harm the friendship.

    • That is a risk you need to learn how to take in life. Go after what you want, have some courage. You don't end up regretting the chances you did take, you regret the ones you didn't.

    • Yeah. Need to grow a pair. Any suggestions on going about it?

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  • maybe he is not playing hard to get, maybe he is just not into you that way, maybe he is just a close friend, if he didn't make a move on you while you were in the same bed then chances are its a non runner, he may just see you as a very good friend,

    he could also be gay

    • I do know he isn't gay, but why would he make the effort to ask me if I am comfortable and worry over it when I say I am if he isn't interested in more? I assume he isn't but now I'm thinking he is. He even apologizes over and over if he doesn't reply to a text for a while. Even when he is at work when I understand.

    • he might just be very thoughtful and considerate

    • This is ridicules lol. When a guy is nice, it shouldn't be mistaken for politeness. But when you do mistake it, guys get mad or offended. If a girl likes you its like boom you know. Guys need to amp it up.

  • you mean he hasn't asked you yet?


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  • Have you told him that you want to be his girlfriend?

    • No, I have been flirting with him and its pretty obvious I would think. Specially when I sleep at his house, we share his bed both under his blanket and he lets me use his pillows. But today I messaged him asking if he feels comfortable with me sleeping in his bed with him. His response was "its a place to sleep lol" but I find that hard to believe with the way we talk back and forth all day, and in front of our friends we act casual.

    • Hmmm... he is confusing...

    • Yes, I can't figure him out. He is very laid back when we are hanging out with friends. But sometimes I can see through that and he will worry about my comfort. I still haven't had the time to hang out alone yet. Maybe he just acts casual because they are there.