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Im seeing a group of friends who I haven't really seen or spoken to in almost a year. They're supposed to be like "family" to me, and before I moved away for a year they were. but when I left they didn't really seem to notice I was gone. which sucked and hurt and made me feel like I wanted to distance myself from them. But they are still friends... kind of the only friends I have in my city. I just started seeing a new guy and things are getting serious with us, which is great. I've met most of his friends and one i work with who is awesome. We all get along ok. A few I didn't really get a chance to talk with much but the ones I did get to hang out with were awesome. He's already met my parents but I haven't introduced him to any friends since the ones I talk with mostly are out of state. A part of me wants him to meet these guys, but another part of me feels like I dont want him too. Not because I dont want him to meet them but I dont feel like they need to meet him, since I rarely speak to let alone see them... does that make sense? I really dont know what to do... Am I in the wrong for thinking I kind of dont want them to meet this guy?


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  • I think it's understandable :) don't worry yourself but try to think what you want. Do you want them to meet him? If yes then do it. If you could care less then care less lol