I dont get my own thoughts about my ex?

Recently my ex and i talked again after 8 months. We broke up because things were not working out and we agreed to finish in good terms and end things the good way. Although we gave each other some time to move on with our lives. But when i talked to her last time we met up and we had a good time and later she told me that it didn't feel right to talk or to be friends. She said it felt weirdd, which i completely understand.

But what i dont understand is that we dated for about 5 years i dont mind not talking or not being friends. Because i dont like her anymore although my mind on the ither hand keeps thinking about her and for some reason still wants her to be in my life but i can never date her again yet i wanna b able to have her in my life even if we dont talk at least once every yesr is ok with me. Its hard to explain because im always thinking about her yet im done with her dont wsnt her dont wanna have to do anything with her i just wsnt to be civil.

Can some one explain why i want her to be in my life still?


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  • Sounds like your energy's connect. Try explaining to her that you want her in your life and if its hard to explain, tell her that. Be honest.

    • Ok thannk you for your comment! I will try that

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