Girls describe these two in your life so far (please be honest) ?

1. The best sex you have ever had. What made it sooo good?

2. The worst you felt treated by a guy in a relationship. What happened? (Not asking about sex, just general)

More opinions please


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  • 1. My Ex from 8 years ago. It was a combination of his technique/skill and that I was head over heels in love and very comfortable/confident and therefore able to really let loose with him. He's the only person to date who has made my fingers and toes go numb. Curreny BF is a close second though and I think over time he will likely take the lead... lol

    2. The same ex from 8 years ago... he went cracy and was convinced I was cheating on him and refused to believe me. He harassed me for months about it after and demanded the "truth". When I couldn't tell him what he was looking for (an admission that I had cheated on him with our mutual friend and roommate), he threatened to post our sex video on the internet. It was terrfying to live in fear for months and months. I still think about it sometimes and it gives me chills knowing he still has that video...

    • Did you actually cheat in him despite the sex being good, or did he have a fake video?

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    • My career is a rather public one, so a video like that would do a GREAT deal of damage to my life if just one person who knows who I am saw it... so it's kind of a big deal that way, regardless of how many other videos exist. Not to mention how hurtful it is that someone I loved and trusted would actually threaten to ruin me like that...

    • I understand. I hope it just fades away.

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  • The best sex I've ever had was with a friends with benefits and it was just really intense, passionate and comfortable. I think we were just the perfect sexual match. The worst a guy has treated me was a bf I had who manipulated me by destroying my self esteem. He actually admitted to doing it too which is when I lost all my respect for him...

  • So one of my ex's was the best sex I ever had and the biggest asshole I ever went out with. He was adventurous and passionate (and he could keep it up after coming) ... but he was also the biggest drama queen and we fought a lot - he offended all of my friends until I had none and he played psychological games.

    • Thank you for your opinion. I hope you are doing well now

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    • In what ways are you guys incompatible?

    • I thrive on a bit of chaos, he likes things regimented.
      I feel, he thinks.
      He shares by talking, I express myself other ways... he says he doesn't need so much affection, I need a lot.
      He has spent a lot of effort trying to change me and keep control of me like I am a teenager...

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