Men, I need a man's opinion on a current situation... opinions please?

So, after a long history with this guy and never telling u im how I felt... I layed all the cards on the table and told him everything.. that I do want to marry him and I would without a doubt love to have kids with him... we had discussed these matters in the past... I told him the honest truth... he didn't reply for a day and then last night after I asked if he read it he says "yes I read it" I said good, that my friend convinced me to still go home for the weekend and if he was bored I might be down to hang out and he replied "maybe I'll see you then" I said that if he just wanted to hang out it was fine and I'd be just happy to see him and he said "lol will see what happens then" and I told him I'd give him some space and hope to hear from him this weekend and we left it at that...
Would his response be considered as friendly, there's still a chance... so on? What's your take on that reaction?

  • He still wants to be with you
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  • He doesn't want you to feel bad about sending it
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  • He still wants your friendship and is just glad you said it.
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  • While his response could be viewed in different ways , his reserved answer is a defense answer ( afraid to get his hopes up thing ) . While he said " we'll see.. Is in fact saying it would be great if it happens , but I am prepared for far less in reality. It's a defense feeling , he doesn't want to allow his hopes to get up err disapointment.
    The old saying goes that if you open the door ( sending him the message pertaining to your feelings for him ) then you must walk through it. Go see him and reassure him that he can and should be hopeful you may be surprised at the new tune he plays

    • We haven't talked since that yesterday and I asked him today what his thoughts were

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    • Well.. I asked him today what his thoughts were on what I wrote him... he did t reply though

    • He is still thinking and evaluating thing is my guess

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  • I'm not too sure about his reaction. But as long as he replies not all is lost.

    Did I read this correctly? Was this really done by text?
    If so remember to use text only to make a date or a really quick message and nothing more (at least with men). There is too much chance of misinterpretation.

    I'd suggest to talk face to face with him at more appropriate time.

    • Think he would meet face to face with the reaction

    • I think so. Just give him some space. And try and let him know that you are not pressuring him.
      Good luck!

    • he's not talking at all today

  • You may have scared him. He may also pull away from you. He may also be afraid of commited relationship.

    • He brought it up in the first place when he asked me to marry him

  • he's not interested

    • What makes you say that

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    • I also really really hurt in in the past though too... you dont think he could be just being cautious?

    • No if you really like someone you dont give answers like that you say yes not maybe or defenitly not well see his answers sound like he's thinking "well if i dont have anything else to do"

  • he seems very non-chalant about the whole thing. I don't really know what he wants honestly

    • Well he asked me to marry hkm e fore and such and I didn't.. I had problems of my own I was dealing with

  • Did you date? Are you broken up? Just friends?

    • We didn't date but we have been best friends for 8 years, he asked me to marry him ad I had issues with myself and didn't.

    • Well he may be in a relationship and is caught of guard by this. Wait and see how he reacts when and if you see him

    • I hope he at least see a me this weekend

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