How do contact a girl that you never speak?

This girl I know liked me but at the time I had a girlfriend so I let it go. I know she liked me because she told my aunt, and my aunt works in her parents shop. Close after that she talked to me at a party, we had a small conversation but nothing serious since I still had a girlfriend.

Me and my girlfriend broke up, already over a year ago and a few weeks ago I had another party and she was there too. This time we had a much better conversation and I got to know her a bit better. She even asked if I still had a girlfriend wich I gladly responded with no and a smile haha :).

Other then those two times, I never speak her or almost never see her (even though we live in the same town). What could be a good way to engage contact, without coming on too strong?

P. S. Sorry if I put this in the wrong topic.


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  • get her number.

    • How? I know who she is, but it's too weird if I randomly start talking to her you know, we do not know eachother good enough for that

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  • I send a carrier pigeon with a cordial invitation to dinner.

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