I like this girl, but she does drugs what should I do?

Okay I like this girl a lot and we started talking a few years ago, but after awhile we stopped talking because school was stressing me out and I was depressed, but school is over for good now and I'm not depressed anymore I'm changing for the better. The only thing stopping me from attempting to start a relationship with her now is she smokes weed and I don't really want that in my life so what should I do?


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  • Does she smoke weed like every day or is it more of a social thing? If it's just a social thing for her, it shouldn't be a big deal and you might as well go for it - just let her know you're not into it. If ya do, she probably won't do it around you or try to get you to.

    If she's a pothead, though, you might as well not bother. Not that there's anything wrong with it if she is, but it means you have totally different lifestyles that likely won't mesh.


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