In a non committed relationship for 6 months. When we talk he refers to a boyfriend he knows I don't have.. Why?

I've been dating a guy for 6 months we are non committed as in the title BF/GF however we both decided to not be intimate with others or date others. We see each other once every 3 weeks and a typical date for us includes both his children and both mine on an outting. next week we're going out alone, this will be a first for us. We were talking about the future date and he jokingly said " will your boyfriend get mad if i take you out?" And made other inferences to me having a bf, until I finally just said" i dont have a bf" he clearly knew already that i dont have a bf, why would he say these things?


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  • Seems like flirting, but kind of testing the waters too. Maybe he was looking for a specific answer from you. Maybe he's hinting around wanting to make things official.

    • It seemed like flirting, then it had me thinking.. OVERthinking.. Which im not good at

    • Lol it's so easy to start overthinking! And once you start, good luck trying to stop. But yes, it probably was just his way of flirting. I'd personally flip the script and throw a gf comment his way and see what his reaction is.

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  • He was joking around...

    My boyfriend and I joke like that all the time... he'll ask me what I'm up to and I'll say "just hanging out with my other boyfriend" or he'll ask me if I can do something such and such night but I'm busy so he'll joke "oh are you hanging out with your other boyfriend that nght?" etc..

  • Sounds like he is just trying to see if you are seeing someone else. Who knows the motivation, though.