Girls, do you find guys who haven't been in a serious relationship before less interesting?

if you are dating a guy and you find out that he has never been into a serious longterm relationship before. Do you interpret that as a red flag that he might not be good for a longterm partner due to lack of experience? And do you suspect that there might be something wrong with him as to why he hasn't been in a serious relationship?

assuming the guy seems perfectly normal and mature while talking to you would you still be worried?

That he might be clingy due to emotional inexperience or other potential problems. Although all relationships are different so having more experience doesn't necessary mean a guy would be able to handle being in a relationship with a particular girl better than someone who lacks experience.

Are these things you consider? is it a big deal?

Also a small followup question, do you believe people who have been in serious relationships before in general are more emotionally mature and better prepared to avoid getting attached to fast and stuff? Maybe its harder for them to get feelings for someone due to their past experience?

please more opinions


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  • yes, i feel like just knowing that another girl has felt the same way about him as you do reassures girls, well me anyway. It's kind of like the way everyone has an iphone, if you like the look of a samsung but no-one has really ever had one and can't be sure whether its good or not, that doesn't necessarily mean we find you less interesting but we know if you haven't been in a serious relationship before that you don't really have enough experience. i for one would probably be more intrigued as to why, especially if i think your a catch

    • cool answer, makes sense. Although obviously some people are simply unluckier than others and haven't been in the right place at the right time to find someone who matched. But of course i understand that people might consider the possibility that he has some issues which prevented a guy like that from getting a girl to love him.

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