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A guy just asked me out and I said ok. I've never been on a date before..where should I expect to go on a first date? What should I wear? what should I talk about? should I let him pick me up or have my dad drop me off? should I kiss him good night if the date goes well?


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  • First you must understand how attraction works, then dating & values.

    Attraction: Different guys are attracted to different girls for different reasons:

    The guy you might be going on a date with found something special qualities from the impression you made on him beforehand. That may have been a short glimpse of your appearance and personality, or a lifetime of comfort and getting to know each other.

    It is you, and he is attracted to you.

    Dating: Getting to know if someone you're attracted to in a relaxed, fun setting:

    Activities that get your hearts going, such as wall climbing, skating, mall waking/window shopping sightseeing, Frisbee in the park, as well as getting ice cream, coffee, or having a BBQ. Word of advice: don't bring a to-do-list..a let alone make one. Let things fall into place.

    These are all examples of cost-efficient, easy-going activities that you can have fun doing, and learn about each other..There is a chance in all of those to show their spontaneous side, and just in case the date goes bad, it's easy to leave on short notice.

    These are some examples of not well planned 1st dates, and why:

    -Movie Theater: Can't talk/get to know each other.. your entire focus is on a movie.

    -Restaurant: You're stuck there if you find out you don't like him. You will most likely suffer many long, uncomfortable silences as you are expected to, there is no fun in sitting!

    -Expensive/Classy Restaurant: Just the title says it's try-hard..maybe creepy! Why would you spend much money on someone you don't even know you like? Are they desperate? Tell him to watch 50 First dates and get back to you!

    -(ex.)Sky Diving: There are some things that may be too extreme for a first date, especially since you may not have established much trust yet. Find out what you're both comfortable doing, and if they do agree with you, you may have a keeper!

    Besides keeping a date fun & simple, the only REALLY IMPORTANT thing is YOU!

    Your values are what make the core of who you are. You have 100% control over if you want to give him a kiss or not. If you like him a lot, and want to show him that you're interested in getting to know him further, go ahead and give him a sweet, slow little kiss on the lips-if you feel it's right. A way of telling him that you like him, but as a friend, tell him, then give him a kiss on the cheek, and thank him for the night. If it's a bad date, and you just want to end it, say you'll have to get going, & thank him for the's respectful.

    As much as your own values are important, it shows you're a responsible lady when you respect curfew, and arrange safe transportation. If the person you're dating disrespects your parents wishes for your safety, what does that really say abut him?

    You attracted the guy by dressing as you normally do, as you should on your date. Don't smear makeup all over your face, but a pretty, clean appearance will get his heart jumping.

    Dressing to make each other look good just shows you care!


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  • Establish a 'dating protocol'. with your parents.

    Some things you and they might consider:

    1. Who is the guy;

    2. Where are you going;

    3. When will you get home;

    4. Establish a curfew;

    5. If you don't have a cell phone find out the phone number where you'll be;

    6. Carry 'mad money' so you don't get stranded; At least $20. Don't EVER use it for 'date things'.

    7. Don't dress provocatively.

    This is just starters. You and your parents should discuss dating rules.

    What should you talk about? To avoid awkward silences, ask about things he's interested in, whether you are or not.

    Kiss him good night? Probably not. Advice from the movie "Hitch": if, in time, you want a kiss, fiddle with your house keys at the door, just talking to him.

    Close your eyes during that first kiss!


  • Dress as casual as you can get away with. If you don't know the guy well I recommend getting a ride and not letting him pick you up because, well, you don't want him knowing where you live just yet =P. I would do no more than a peck on the cheek.

  • the first date should stay pretty simple and at this age be no expectation at all of any sex or stuff like that . so with that in mind it should involv e something like a simple bite to eat somewhere and maybe a movie or special event type nightout , but nothing too expensive

  • holy sh*t my head hurts

    its 1st date act normal

    ur not gunna french kiss on a first date

    where something nice but not formal

    talk about the sh*t he likes and make connections no connections well I hope ur wachin a movie

    and good night kiss guy would kill 4 that

    • Haha I french kissed on the first date. we just went with it. it was my first kiss too. lol

  • um wow


    1- wear something that mkaes you look good people usually wear their good clothes

    2-idk it really depends on the guy

    3-talk about anything you want you must have something in commong talk about that and then ask question about him

    4-if it goes good yeah let him come 90 and then you 10 usually the guy will make all the effort

    most dates will go to a movie

    5- let him pick you up unless you want to meet him at the place he should answer this one

  • You shouldn't approach a date like you're some kind of robot just following a predetermined program. Just wing it.

  • Be casual for your clothes, and if it goes well don't kiss him for the first date unless he sweeps you off your feet :) just tell him you had a great time


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  • As a first date,

    1) expect to go somewhere casual and comfortable such as: the movie theater, mini golf, out for a casual dinner. First dates don't usually include anywhere fancy or prententious.

    2) Wear something nice and sweet, but casual. You want to let him know what you normally look like if he wants to continue dating you. Wearing something really fancy or special won't let him get to know you as you are normally.

    3) Talk about anything that interests the both of you. Keep the conversation light, happy and playful. Don't talk about politics, religion, or anything else that is considered a "heavy" topic. I would also avoid grilling him about his interests. you are not a survey taker, so avoid shooting a series of questions at him to get to know him. Just let the information come naturally.

    4) As for the pick up or drop off, I would discuss that with your Dad and your date and come to an agreement. Especially if the date goes horribly wrong, you will want to have an "escape plan" so that you can be picked up.

    5) Kissing him afterwards is entirely up to you. However, some guys after a first date would naturally expect a girl to kiss them if the girl liked them too, so if you don't you kiss him, will want to make it clear that you do like him too, so he won't worry about it.

    6) if the date went really well and you want to see him more, then when the date is ending would be a great time to state that you want to do it again and arrange for another date.

    Good luck!

  • a first date? a movie would be a good choice here... cause normally you would be too nervous to actually talk alot... so the movie covers that part up... but truly a comedy really works best... so you can laugh about it and talk about it later... Or else to a game... football or something... do something you are comfortable in.

    Talk... first properly get to know each other... and later the talking will naturally come out... try playing something liek 20 questions...

    Clothes.. Make up is not necessary... don't go for all the make up you know.. keep it simple and fresh... Main point is look good. Clothes depend on wear you are going.. since the first date is most likely casual... wear somethign comfortable and cute...and sweet perfume

    kiss- I depends on you I guess... a peck on the cheek would be the sweetest if the date really went perfect.. less than that, wait a bit more...

    dropping and picking up- depends on how the guy wants it... ask him.

  • He'll probably take to dinner and a movie. Dress as comfortably as possible, WITHOUT wearing sweats. A nice pair of jeans and a cute top? Look pretty, but not like you're trying to hard. Talk about whatever feels comfortable. I would let him pick you up, you might feel a little juvenile if your dad drops you off... you want to feel confident for you first date! But if your dad's home when your date comes to pick you up, make sure you're ready... you don't want your dad to sink his teeth into the poor guy and scare him off!

    Don't kiss him if you don't feel ready, don't rush it. Just act natural and be yourself. You'll both be a lot less nervous if you feel that things are just flowing.

  • you don't have to kiss him goodnight but you can if you want.

    I think my first date was weird because I dressed up but still didn't consider it a date I don't know why I guess it didn't click that I was on a date felt more like hanging out. just cozier I guess.

  • omg! do not have year dad go and drop you off if the guy has a car. Now that would be wierd. kiss him if you like him and nothing more.