I like this girl but I'm best friends with her sister and I am a good friend with her?

I like this girl
I don't know what to do
Her sister knows that I like her


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  • It could go either way if you ask me
    1. She could like you two and the sister could set you up
    2. The sister (your best friend) could possibly like you and be heartbroken and then the sister will back her up and you lose 2 friendships
    Sorry not sorry, they are the only ways I can see it going, both quite dangerous too, just make sure your sure before you do anything major. You could possibly get one of your friends to try and find out from her friends who she likes or something, I don't know

    • I'm pretty sure her sister likes me, her friends say she does.

    • Then make a move, she will probably be really happy that you like her because she likes you, I'm sure her sister knows what she likes, maybe take her the movies or something who knows what could happen, maybe something beautiful will flourish

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