Think this girl at gym reminds me of someone but not sure I should mention it or not?

I noticed this new girl at the gym a few days ago , for some reason she kind of reminded me of another girl I know from the same small town but I couldn't quite figure out who. but I got a better look at her today and think its possible she could be an older sister of a girl I meet last summer from same town. they had a lot of features that seemed similar and pretty sure girl I meet had an older sister who'd be about the age of girl I saw at gym in mid 20's.
anyways not sure I should mention to her she reminds me of someone else who might be her sister? or how to find out for sure if she is or not. I really had a thing for girl who might be her sister but she had a bf so I couldn't pursue it


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  • Go ahead and mention it to her. Go with the flow and see what happens afterwards.

    • so I talked to her today and was a bit awkward , if what she said was true she's not related to the girl and not even originally from this town , she said she just moved here in January for work , so she doesn't really know anyone from around here , she seems nice and all , as for her looking like other girl maybe they just had a similar image

    • Well if she seems nice, maybe you should try being her friend :)

    • i haven't seen her for a couple days so haven't got a chance to talk to her again yet , do think it wouldn't hurt to try and chat with her

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  • It's a good conversation starter just dont' lead with "I used to have the hots for your sister" lmao

    • I'm not 100 % sure yet so they may or may not be related , I need to find out more about her

    • yeah I tried talking to her and mentioned she looked like another girl I knew from town , but she said she was new to town and wouldn't of known the other girl so not sure why she remined me of other girl so much , she seemed ok and all , could try and talk to her again now that I've broke the ice

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