Why do ladies say "nice guys are the ones we settle down with"?

Seriously, like we should give a damn. How foolish, honestly, who in high school or college is looking to settle down, nobody (except the odd deranged bastard) is looking for that, neither male nor female. My question is, why do they think this makes us fucking feel better? What, so, knowing that when you're 45 and out of options (but don't want to die alone) you'll suddenly like us should make us feel better? That's like somebody eating your lunch and then handing you their shit the next day and telling you you should be happy with it. And, why would we possibly feel good, knowing we passed by the heyday of our youth being sad and alone and finally have the chance when the ladies are old with fading looks? If anything it comes off as an insult! So, why do ladies tell people this shit to make them feel better (before they go off with their douchebag waste of sperm and egg boyfriends)?


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  • I never heard of any girl saying that to be honest. But I completely agree with you that I don't doubt woman say it. I am in college and I have been in long term relationships only. That's really all I ever seek. I am an old lady in the soul haha. When woman say that it means that the men they really are attracted to are too much work for them. They sap the life out of you, and you eventually can't keep up with their pace, unpredictability or life style. If you hear a woman say that, I am sorry for you. Women like that are the types who don't really know what they want in life and just want something to fall back on.

    All humans should be treated equal and loved the same. I personally like nice guys. They give me the security, warmth and love I need. I don't get bored. And I don't need no games or excitement. That is child's play.

    People should act like people and date for personality, and just because someone is "nice" shouldn't be labeled as "the nice guy" he is "a nice guy, but with more depth if I give him more time instead of being impatient or blind".


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  • If that's the case then every single married couple in the world is made of desperate people. Once girls turn about 25 they start seriously looking for a real partner

    • What a lie, it starts at 35 when everyone knows their looks are fading.

    • Not really most girls have been dreaming of getting married some they we're like either.

  • If you're not looking to settle yet either what's the big deal?

    • So I should only want to date if I'm deranged enough to marry the first person I meet? I bet you've probably had, like, five boyfriends, am I right?

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    • Actually why I can't understand you is because I honestly don't see how someone can play the victim card in such a ridiculously ego based topic

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  • Emo name, anime picture. I can see where this came from.

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